Please be with me.Love you forever...
i’m scared that you don’t want me.
but i want you.
i want you so much in so many ways.
i don’t want you to slip away from me.
i love you.
do you still love me?
please love me.
i’m sorry i pushed you.
i’m sorry i am such a jerk.
if i could go back-
i wouldn’t say anything.
if i could go back to last night-
there is so much i would change.
because… i don’t care. i know that you love me.
or loved me.
and that is enough for me.
why did you say all you’ve done is hurt me?
you should know that no one makes me happier than you.
just the sight of you….
that’s all it takes to make me happy.
one look from you and my heart stops.
when i hear your voice….
calm washes over me.
you have a power over me i cannot describe.
and i don’t want to.
i love it.
i want you. and no one else.
don’t you know that?
you make me feel like the only person in the room.
i have never felt like that before.
you are everything i want.
you are everything i need.
and i have you.
do i still have you?


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