Yipeeeee…finally after a week cross stitching this SODA pattern, it finish…I will upload the finish picture. Wow…its so cute. This is the first time for me cross stitching pattern from SODA and I like the result. This “Fairy Tale in Dream (Boy)” will have a couple, “Fairy Tale in Dream (Girl)”. They describe me and my brother. I stitch our birth date below the picture. Made since 15 March 2010 until 22 March 2010.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. girlzy bear says:

    Proficiat yah… tapi kenapa tanggalnya itu 28 Desember 1990 yah? ada apakah pada tanggal itu???

  2. roshpinna says:

    Thats my brother’s birthday

  3. kiki says:

    kawaii >w<
    nanya donk kk. tau ga list kode warna benangnya nyari dmn ?

  4. roshpinna says:

    Dari polanya. Kan ada tuh…
    Thanks ya..

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