Cross Stitch, Thingking Things

Arts n Stitch stuff links

Hi all,

I will add new arts and stitch stuff that I love here. Most of the links are my favourite stuffs. I will keep add and edit this posts.

Some of cross stitch charts store listed here also sell yarn/thread/fabrics. Hope you enjoy… 🙂

Cross stitch charts store:


Charting Creations

Tilton Crafts

Eclectic bloke designs

Cross Stitching Art


Golden Kite


Cross Stitch Rinna

Fonducock’s Boutique

Paine Free Crafts

Fabric Store

Colour Cascade Fabrics

Crafty Kitten

Stitch Supplies Store

Cross Stitch Heaven

1-2-3 Stitch

Stitchers blog

ANA Stitch

Pull the Other Thread

Lady Stitch a Lot

Neil Bray from Eclectic Bloke Designs


Nicky Boehme



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