My favourite travel blog

As I love reading and travelling, my others favourites activity is blog-walking. Blog walking means that you love to explore others people blogs. In my case, I use those blogs as guidelines to help prepare my travel list such as: budget (important), what to see, what to do, transportation, good hostel review (I trust bloggers for this one more than review on the hotel site itself) and of course about what to eat!

I have several travel blogs that I keep going back since 3-4 years ago. Some are maintain by Indonesians (from my country 🙂 ) and others are maintain by people from around the world. Most of my fave blogs here are quite familiar to me, until I felt that I have known these people for years while in fact, we never knew each other.

So without any further delay, here are the lists of my fave travel blogs and website that I have used as my traveling references:

Adventurous Kate : I found about Kate and her adventure throughout the world just few months ago but I soon fell in love and become her followers since then. I love the way she wrote about her stories, you can sense and feel like you were there with her experienced through all the stories. Lots of tips and advice from her and her readers. (Even I love to read the comments from her readers 😀 )

Nomadic Matt: I just found out Matt’s blog in last two weeks. I got his link from AdventurousKate in the discussion about Vietnam. His article about “Why I’ll never return to Vietnam” is the one which made me visit his blog and read about what has happened to him in Vietnam.

Dua Ransel: Ryan and Dina are traveller couple who decided to live from travelling. Their stories and article has helped me a lot in arrange my trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Jejak Vicky: Vicky is a house-wife and a traveller, together with her husband she has went to several countries and share their experience. I love the way she explain about history of the places she’ve visited and the details of how to go to those places including the map!

Traveling Precils: This one is a bit special to me because they traveled as a family with 2 kids (12 y.o and 6 y.o). They have stayed in Australia, New Zealand and went to Europe. I love the stories of theirs experience while they stayed in New Zealand (especially those camp stories) 😀

Migrationology: I love Mark’s post about foods, restaurant, where is the best place to eat authentic cuisine from countries. It has guided me to find hidden spots to eat street foods while I was in Bangkok.

Seat61: I love this website to help me arrange transportation during traveling. His site is complete and you plan better.

The Blonde Abroad: This is a new blog that I found through NomadicMatt. I love the pictures of scenery that looks awesome and of course, the stylist blogger herself! Love the way she wrote, where I find it is a bit different in giving tips and advice compare to other travel blog :). This blog also get an award for female traveller blog!

BangkokFatty: Want to know where the best place to eat in Bangkok? Check this blog!


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